What did we do?

In February 2021, Acies was appointed by CFES to provide civil and structural design, with fellow RSK company Silcock Leedham Consulting Engineers (SLCE) providing the mechanical and electrical (M&E) design services for the alteration and extension project at Spire’s Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh. CFES was appointed by Spire on a design and build contract via a framework with Spire. The hospital previously operated as a day hospital, and the extension project has expanded the theatre and ward capacity and provided facilities to allow it to operate on a 24-hour basis.

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The following facilities were provided by the project:

  • Conversion of one of the two existing theatres to an ultra clean ventilation (UCV) theatre, suitable for orthopaedic surgery.
  • Alterations to existing treatment rooms to provide another new UCV theatre.
  • Alterations to the physio department to form new ophthalmology and ambulatory care suites.
  • Alterations to the discharge lounge to create a new ward area with seven beds.
  • Alterations to the X-ray department to create two new day case theatres.
  • Extension of the building into existing undercroft area to provide theatre store and admin areas.
  • Alterations to existing offices to provide resident medical officer (RMO) facilities.

Construction work was completed in October 2022.

How did we do it?

Acies collaborated with CFES’s in-house architects and the engineers from SLCE, along with various subcontractors, to develop a design that could be constructed in phases, enabling the hospital to remain operational for the majority of the construction works.

What challenges did we face or help to resolve?

The first challenge we faced was identifying the existing structure within the building. While the main structural elements were contained within the record drawings in the operations and maintenance manuals, these did not include drawings for the secondary support structures. This led onto the next challenge of how to identify the support structures that were above an operating theatre that was in use on a daily basis.

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How did we resolve those challenges?

The design was undertaken to allow the works to be carried out in a phased manner. This allowed phase 1 to be constructed while the hospital remained operational, and phase 2 took place during a short shutdown period, minimising disruption to the hospital. When we were not able to undertake intrusive works to identify existing support structures above the operating theatre, we provided a flexible design that could be supported from several different positions. Once the theatre shutdown started, we were able to finalise the design and confirm the fixing locations.

What impact did our work have for the client?

The refurbishment enables the hospital to accommodate up to 20 overnight patients for the first time and to provide more complex surgery.

Alison Green, Hospital Director at Spire Shawfair Park Hospital, said: “This is an exciting time for everyone connected with Spire Shawfair Park Hospital. Our new care facilities and expanded capacity here in Edinburgh will benefit patients and colleagues and help us maintain the high standards in healthcare that patients have come to expect from Spire hospitals.

“We are here to make a positive difference to people’s lives through the outstanding personal care we provide. Our new facilities will allow us to keep improving the experience for both our private and our NHS patients across Edinburgh, the Lothians, the Borders and Fife.”

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